From the Editors (November 2019)

Time to move on. Yes, after nearly 11 years, we have decided that the Herald, though still popular with readers and attracting all the advertisers we can handle, needs new blood.

When we took over from Ginny Mes in ’09 we were full of ideas and energy. We took the Herald to new levels: More photos, colour, more news. Some schemes like the Walkabout did not last long, other ideas have become well established. It is now time for new ideas and energy. We have found the ideal people to do this. Jen de Klerk is already well known to readers of the Herald and she has her own blog. She is a professional writer, journalist and editor. (many years with the Saturday Star) Husband, TJ, will be dealing with the admin. In the two years that the de Klerks have lived in Henley they have become very involved in the community. We have absolute confidence that they will take the paper further without losing the community feel and will provide advertisers with a quality paper that will bring them the customers they are looking for.

We will write a proper farewell next month but at this stage we want to thank our readers and advertisers for their support over the years. We trust they feel they have had good value.

Gwendolyn Wellmann did not live in Henley very long but in that time she made her presence felt (one notable achievement was getting PRASA to erect lights at the station) and since then has remained a friend of Henley. Her article on conserving water, a follow up on Cllr. Parsonson’s of last month is still highly relevant despite the marvellous rain of 1 and 9 November which may lead us to thinking that water is not an issue.

Sal and Georges Hebert